About Us

Who is Rosemary?

Rosemary your typical wedding romantic type of girl. That girl who would carry pictures of wedding dresses with her and that would dress up in wedding dresses that were passed down to her. She loves everything that has to do with weddings, however never imagined working in the wedding industry herself.  

Rosemary always had a passion for being creative and loves interaction with people. Having worked in the customer service and administration world for over 14 years, it was time for a creative change. She went after her dream of being creative in a world she has loved for so long.

Time 4 Flowers started only after being in the Floral Design Program for 2 semesters and she hasn't regretted it for a second. Graduated 2 years later, she has build up Time 4 Flowers and has been a part of almost 100 weddings in only 4 short years. 

Her love for people and her passion mixed together with her enthusiasm and love for what she does, you will be guaranteed to have great floral work to show off at your wedding!