Peace Lily

I have always loved plants. They are great accents to any place and can create such a cozy feeling. I am also like a lot of other people: I forget to water my plants.

Shocking eh! I am not perfect and have just like you so much going on in life that watering my plants just doesn't always happen.
My solution to this 'problem' is to find plants that suits my needs.

Well. This Peace Lily is an amazing plant for me! I water them every Monday before I do anything else. These plants want water every week and will "flop" their leaves when they are in need of water. In the warmer Summer months, spray them with water as well. These two things together will keep them hydrated nicely and, it's been doing it for us. However, do not let them sit in water, it can develop root rot.

As for light, they want medium, or indirect sunlight. When leaves start to get yellow it is telling you that it is getting either too much or not enough light.

Many people don't realize that plants will show signs of unhappiness when they need a change. A lot of it is common sense, when we are not happy we change our habits, do the same for plants. We have had to move our plants a few times until we found the perfect spot for them.

I just love Peace Lilies and I will always have them in our home. It adds to the room and it sure adds to my happiness!

If you have more questions or tips feel free to share them with us!

Hugs, Rosemary
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