From April 1 to now sure has been a whirlwind! Not just because of COVID but because I had to change/start an entire new business because of it!

Going from being a wedding florist to an everyday florist is starting a completely new business. Where I didn't really needed a floral cooler as the flowers wouldn't be here for long, I know now have a cooler. That is only the first thing that changed. I am learning how long to keep flowers for

to make sure they still have a beautiful vase life at my clients.

What flowers do my clients enjoy, what type of arrangement and bouquets do they enjoy and what is the best price point for peoplRosemary of Time 4 Flowers with a seasonal bouquet of flowerse to spent on flowers. There is so much to discover and I am doing so much research and trying new things to see if it works.

Two things that are absolutely for sure: I love, and I mean I LOVE, that I have my place of business out of my home. I drive to work every day and I love it! I am also very blessed with my location, it is about 5 minutes from my home!!! 

The other thing: I absolutely still LOVE what I do!! I am facing so many of my fears and it is all fine. It is working out, slowly but surely, and every new client is worth a happy dance!

I am working hard to provide more services, we just launched our subscriptions, both personal and corporate. The personal one is divided in 2 option: special days (Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, etc) subscription or a personal one that gets delivered on the first on each month, except for January, that on gets delivered on 'blue Monday'. Why did I choose that day? Feeling blue is the worst feeling and is has been proven that flowers is good for the mental health and it puts a smile on your face. 

You can access the different subscriptions here.

I am still working on more ideas, more workshops and reaching more clients. I will not be sitting still in 2021 and am honestly excited for what is to come. It will not always be easy, however, I also know that with the amount of support I am getting I know I will get there just fine :) 

Photo of me at my studio on April 1st, the day I officially started in the studio!

With so much love,

Time 4 Flowers, Rosemary

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