The Holiday Season

Christmas came and Christmas is now gone!

It sure was a different year, however, we made it the best we could and I enjoyed every second of it! I had busy days leading up to The Holidays with many orders to fulfil and deliver (Thank You!!!) before I was actually able to sit down and relax.

Christmas Eve was a great evening with snacks, movies, drinks, and enjoying being together with the four of us. Christmas Day was pretty much the same! I do not remember not ever dressing up for Christmas Day, this sure was a first!! I was in my jogging pants all day long and I wasn't the only one ;) 

We did our delicious meal for dinner and called it a night earlier than we did on Christmas Eve. Boxing Day was another relaxing day, going out tobogganing and having so much fun in the snow. The age doesn't seem to matter, we always have fun when there is snow. 

Now we are back to a bit of a normal routine. January 1st is in side and I am working hard on getting ideas ready for 2021. Now that we are an every day florist, I need to make sure I have enough flowers in the cooler and enough ideas to get you all hooked on flowers the same way I am hooked to flowers.

Of course, the idea of doing our 60+ weddings this year is super exciting, I seriously can't wait to start with those. No matter what 2021 is going to bring us, I am determined to make people happy with our arrangements and bouquets!

Remember that we have our different subscriptions still available here  and are available for all your order online or via email

No matter the occasion, it is always Time 4 Flowers! Wishing you a good few last days in 2020 and nothing but the best for 2021!!

Big hugs,

Time 4 Flowers, Rosemary

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