When not to get married

Yes, I am serious. I am going to tell you when you should not get married, or better, around what dates you shouldn't get married.

We all know that weddings cost a good chunk of money. We are doing lots of things to save a few pennies: getting married on a Friday, Sunday, and we are even starting to see weddings during the week. Now that seems weird for many, I got married on a Tuesday, so it is not at all weird for me.

Saving on flowers when you're getting married on a Friday, Sunday, or weekday is unfortunately not a thing. So, when can you save on flowers?

Bride with her pastel coloured bridal bouquet

Getting married on or just before Valentine's Day is a day you will be paying more for flowers. Due to the Holiday, flowers are more in demand and growers will be asking more for their flowers. This results in florists having to raise their prices also. We see it going up the week before Valentine's day and depending on the flower, maybe even 2 weeks before.

Mothers Day is the same. Moms in any shape or form love flowers, demand goes up, so does the price. And then the same around Christmas/New Years Eve time.

As always, if you are open minded and not too picky on your flowers, there are options for you to choose from. I always tell everyone come with a budget to a florist. Let them tell/show you what they can do within your budget and what flowers will fit that budget.

Now that you know these dates, will you work around it?

We would love to hear why you picked your date and if there is a reason behind the date! If you are in the planning stage, contact us with your date and we can get your floral consultation started! 


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