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DIY Services

In my years of being a wedding florist I have seen it all and I have heard it all. There is a lot of negativity out there about wedding florists who will not give the DIY couples any help, any tips unless they get to do your flowers.

I myself, have had the necessary Bride (and Mother of the Bride) on the phone, stressed, in a panic and even in tears because the flowers didn't work out as well as they had hoped. 

As a wedding florist, I only want 1 thing for you: beautiful flowers on your wedding day. There are a lot of creative people in the world and a lot of Brides who love the idea of doing their flowers together with the bridal party.

We have now developed new packages for the DIY couples. You come in with your flowers and make your arrangements  in our studio. No mess, no fuzz, a flower coach on hand in case you need help with something. 



Bronze Package


The Bronze Package is for the Confident DIY Couple.

This package is designed for you to come in with all your materials and you putting together your arrangements. 

Our Flower Coach is there to guide you, give you hints and tips and explains how to care for your flowers. 

This package has a 3 hour minimum at $120.00 plus tax with $50.00 plus tax for every hour there after.

Silver Package


The Silver Package is the package that most Couples love the best.


-1 Hr Consultation

-Preparing your Flower order, however Couple is responsible for ordering of the Flowers

-Coming in with your materials and putting together your arrangements. Flower Coach is on site to guide you, give you hints and tips and explains how to care for your flowers.

This package has a 5 hour minimum at $200.00 plus tax, this includes the hour for the consultation. If more time is needed the rate is $50 plus tax per hour

Golden Package


This package is for the DIY Couple that wants to stay stress free. 


-1 Hr Consultation

-Flower Order Through our Trusted Suppliers

-Processing of Flowers is done by Time 4 Flowers

-All Materials included for your bouquets, boutonnieres and wrist corsages.