DIY Florals

We have the best solution for the DIY couples who want to do their own florals. You are in control of ordering your own flowers, processing them when they arrive at your home and booking a time at our studio to bring your flowers and put them together.

We've had too many (mostly) Brides calling in tears and in a panic hours before their ceremony was to start as the flowers weren't coming together the way they had hoped.

How does it work?
You'll book at least 3 hours at the studio two or one days before the wedding. You come in with your processed flowers and start arranging them. Once done, you leave with only your bouquets and arrangements and the garbage stays behind, we take care of that. 

How much?
The first 3 hours are $100 plus tax, every hour thereafter is $50 plus tax. 

Can we keep the arrangements at the studio?
Sure. If you want piece of mind and keep the in our cooler, you can do so at the rate of $50 plus tax per day.

If something is wrong with the flowers or we miscalculated can we get more flowers from you?
If we have flowers of the same colours in the cooler, absolutely. We generally have 1 supplier in town most days, however, we can't guarantee they will have what we are looking for.

What if we can't get it all done within 3 hours?
If we aren't fully booked, you can stay longer. Any hour after the first 3 is subject to the rate of $50 plus tax. When you are booking time in the studio, we will go over the arrangements you want to get done and how many of you will be making them.

What is included in the price?
- 3 hours in the studio
- Unlimited coffee, tea, and water
- Guidance from a professional florist
- Piece of mind that your arrangements will be done.

Do you have workshops on how to make arrangements?
Once Covid19 is over and we have the green light to do workshops, we will definitely start our workshops again. Keep an eye on the website and our social media for updates on that.

How to book?
Contact us at with your wedding date and a phone number for me to contact you, so I can advise on what day works best and to see how much time we figure you will need. 

Video by Emily Soti Photography